Ring Size Guide

When it comes to ring sizes it definitely isn’t a case of one size fits all.

We have come across some really creative ways of finding your ring size online. There is no way of doing it yourself and getting it 100% accurate, so I would suggest only do this if absolutely necessary. If possible try a couple of different ways so you can get an average this should help make sure you’re as close as possible.

We have had too many customers come in for replacement wedding bands because their original wasn’t a perfect fit and they ended up losing it. This is obviously not ideal, so if you want to be sure just bring yourself into us here in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and we can give you an accurate measurement.

You can take a look at the conversion chart below which will give you a rough idea, however you could find your fingers are a slightly larger or smaller than what’s listed below, in which case when we measure you would could tell if you need half or quarter sizes.


Inside Diameter Inside Circumference
MMInchesMMInchesIreland & UK US & CanadaFrench & RussianGermanSwiss
14.650.57746.021.81H3 3/446 1/26 1/2
15.040.59247.251.86I4 1/447 3/47 3/4
15.400.60648.381.90J4 5/84915 1/29
15.800.62249.641.95K5 1/85010
16.100.63450.581.99L5 1/251 3/41611 3/4
16.510.65051.872.04M652 3/416 1/212 3/4
16.920.66653.162.09N6 1/2541714
17.350.68354.512.15O755 1/417 1/415 1/4
17.750.69955.762.20P7 1/256 1/217 3/416 1/2
18.190.71657.152.25Q857 3/41817 3/4
18.610.73358.472.30R8 5/85919
19.100.75260.002.36S9 1/860 1/420 1/4
19.510.76861.292.41T9 5/861 1/221 1/2
20.020.78862.892.48U10 1/462 3/422 3/4
20.320.80063.842.51V10 5/86323 3/4
20.760.81765.222.57W11 1/86525
21.180.83466.542.62X11 5/866 1/426 1/4
21.490.84667.512.66Y1267 1/221 1/427 1/2
21.890.86268.772.71Z12 1/268 3/421 3/428 3/4