The Process..

Getting your jewellery custom made is an excellent way to make sure you get something you truly love. With over 40 years experience manufacturing jewellery we can help to make your dream jewellery into a reality.  We always make sure to work to budgets, so if you let us know what you’re looking to spend we will tailor the design to make sure you don’t end spend more than you wanted to. The design lead time can vary depending on how intricate your design is but we try to have each piece ready within 3-4 weeks.

You are welcome to come in and chat to us anytime, but we prefer if you make an appointment. Our jeweller does a lot of the computer design work from an office outside the shop so is not always in store.  If we know to expect you we can make sure he’s here to chat to you about the finer details. You can contact us on 01 6336752 or at


First we will arrange for you to have a consultation with Denis, our jeweller. Together we will help you turn your idea into a reality. If you have seen something online that you like the style of you can send us on the images ahead of your consultation or bring them in with you this will help us get an idea of the style you like. Don’t worry if the design is just in your head we can sketch out some ideas with you until you’re happy we have the right look.


After your consultation using CAD software we will create a 3D image of what your jewellery will look like. If adjustments need to be made this is absolutely no problem, we can make changes at any stage to make sure you are completely happy with the design.


Once we have done this render we will have a better idea of the end cost so we will be able to give you a more accurate price than in your initial consultation. We do try to work to budgets so if you let us know what you’re looking to spend we will make sure not to go over this amount.

3D Printing

If you’re happy with the initial render and the cost the next step is for us to print a 3D wax model. We do require a deposit at this stage. Once we have the wax model printed you can come in and have a look at the design to make sure you’re happy with the size and look of everything. Some people are happy enough with the computer render and skip this step, but that is entirely up to you. We use this wax mould then to cast your jewellery in metal.


This step is only necessary if you are getting a stone set ring made. Generally speaking it is easier to adjust the size or shape of a ring before it has any diamonds or gems set into it so for this reason we prefer people to come in for a fitting before the ring is finished.


The best part. Once your jewellery is cast we get to work setting the stones and polishing your jewellery then it’s finally ready to go to it’s new home.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of our recent custom made designs.