Faberge Eggs


Two Beautiful Faberge Eggs. The First is painted using royal blue enamel and printed with fine 9k gold detailing. The second faberge egg is coated in a wonderful vivid red enamel and pained with a fine 9k gold design and set with zircon stones


Have you seen our latest selection of Carl Faberge Eggs?

We have an absolutely stunning new selection of Faberge eggs in store.  We stock the beautiful the Peter Carl collection. These designs are based on the original drawings of Peter Carl Faberge which he created for the Royal Tsar. Created now by Tatiana Fabarge, Carl Fabarge’s great grand daughter for Alfaberge. Alfabarge is the natural continuation from the Fabergé family. Based in St Petersburg, the company is the only one in the world still able to produce artifacts of precious metals based on the original designs of Carl Fabergé. They have the privilege of using the original moulds and ovens for the enamel that were used to create the original eggs by Peter Carl Fabarge himself. Making them the most authentic recreations you can get today.

The latest collection now also come with a sterling silver chain. The chains are plated in 9k Gold and stamped with the Faberge logo. The Faberge Eggs are such a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Each Piece can be worn on a necklace or as a bracelet charm. Carl Faberge designs are timeless so you will never grow tired of looking at his incredible pieces.