Fathers Day

Fathers day is just around the corner and its important we think of our dear old dads. I feel like Mothers day is such a sensation these days that sometimes we forget our dads need some thanks at times too. Not that they would admit it..

In recent years Fathers day has started to get more popular but It’s hard to tell exactly where or when this tradition began. According to some the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington in 1910.  A woman came up with the idea of honouring her dad as She thought mothers were getting all the praise while she felt her dad was just as deserving to have a day dedicated to making sure he felt appreciated. Fair play to her, I don’t think I’d have gone to the effort of trying to get a national holiday for my dad, a pair of socks and a cup of tea brought into him was generally enough from me.

Dads are simple creatures really most of the time. If your dad is anything like mine, an invitation to join you for a pint or to head off on a hike together would be his idea of a great fathers day. Buuut, if you feel like splashing out a little more we have a lovely selection of cufflinks and tie pins that would make a great gift also!

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you and your dad have a lovely weekend.

June Birthstones

It’s finally June and we’re starting to see some lovely summertime sun! People are definitely getting cheerier this time of year with the summer weddings kicking off and countdowns to holidays nearing an end.

This month’s birthstone is a beautiful pearl.  Natural pearl are formed inside oysters to protect them from harm. The process of creating a pearl takes at least 3 years sometimes even 8 until the pearl is fully formed.

As well as being the perfect gift for the June babies in your life Pearls are also commonly given on the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary.

Pearls are a timeless piece that works so well no matter what you’re wearing and should be in every girl’s jewellery box.



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Our Top Pick This March

We made this beautiful rose engagement ring last month. We are so pleased with how it turned out it is so beautiful and girly so it’s inspired us to start a top picks list each month.

We first designed this ring on the computer using CAD technology and then 3D printed it in wax. Once we had the wax model printed we made some minor changes, we thought the petals were tool long so the head looked a bit big, so we filed these down until we were 100% sure we had the perfect little rose. After it was cast in metal we set the diamond and polished it to a beautiful shine, we added very subtle engraving into the leaves running along the shoulder which give a lovely natural look to it.


‘What a beautiful thing a rose is’

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Faberge Eggs


Two Beautiful Faberge Eggs. The First is painted using royal blue enamel and printed with fine 9k gold detailing. The second faberge egg is coated in a wonderful vivid red enamel and pained with a fine 9k gold design and set with zircon stones


Have you seen our latest selection of Carl Faberge Eggs?

We have an absolutely stunning new selection of Faberge eggs in store.  We stock the beautiful the Peter Carl collection. These designs are based on the original drawings of Peter Carl Faberge which he created for the Royal Tsar. Created now by Tatiana Fabarge, Carl Fabarge’s great grand daughter for Alfaberge. Alfabarge is the natural continuation from the Fabergé family. Based in St Petersburg, the company is the only one in the world still able to produce artifacts of precious metals based on the original designs of Carl Fabergé. They have the privilege of using the original moulds and ovens for the enamel that were used to create the original eggs by Peter Carl Fabarge himself. Making them the most authentic recreations you can get today.

The latest collection now also come with a sterling silver chain. The chains are plated in 9k Gold and stamped with the Faberge logo. The Faberge Eggs are such a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Each Piece can be worn on a necklace or as a bracelet charm. Carl Faberge designs are timeless so you will never grow tired of looking at his incredible pieces.

Have a look at our beautiful collection in Store  and Online at here at Abana Jewellers Dublin.



September Birthstone


Sapphire is Septembers birthstone, most people will recognise sapphires by their rich blue colour, but sapphires can come in almost every colour of the rainbow. Because of the variety of colours available in Sapphires you will always be able to find something to suit your style and taste.

Historically the Sapphire represented trust and loyalty and was believed to help protect loved ones from harm. The sentiment behind a sapphire makes for a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone, not only the September babies.

If you would like to have a look at our collection or have something custom made, visit us in the heart of Dublin’s creative quarter in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and we can help you chose or create something you can treasure.

Bling Up Your Ring


Everyone wants to have an engagement ring they really love and can flash to friends and family, What happens when the design you loved in your 20s isn’t the design you love in your 40’s? Over the years trends and tastes change, perhaps now you’re thinking you would just like something a little bit bigger and a little bit brighter. Whatever your motivation is more and more people are opting to redesign their old rings. After all you’re looking at it sitting on your finger every day so it’s important that you love it!

If you’re thinking of adding a new lease of life into your rings we’ve put together some of the steps involved so you have an idea of the process.

  1. We will always be happy to advise you on designs that would look nice, but it can help to have a starting point of what you like. So we suggest looking around online at some designs. Pinterest is a great website with endless photo suggestions that will help give you some inspiration.
  2. Bring your jewellery along with any images of designs you like into us. We use the latest CAD software to create 3D images of what the new ring will look like. We can create a few different styles for you to have a look at to make sure you’re 100% with the design we choose.
  3. Once you have settled on a style based on the images we designed, next we will 3D print a wax model of the ring. At this stage you can try it on and have a look at the size and shape to make sure you’re happy with how it looks.
  4. We will now get the new ring cast in metal, once this is done we will remove the stones from your original ring and they will be ready to set into the new band. After the stones are set your ring just needs to be polished and is ready to take home.

A lot of people can be emotionally attached to the story behind their original ring, upgrading doesn’t mean that you have to lose this completely. If you are increasing the size of your centre stone, than the original diamond could be used to create a pendant so it’s still held close to your heart. Or if you are changing the setting style than we could always replace the diamond in your original band with a coloured stone to keep as a dress ring.

If you would like to blow the cobwebs off your old jewellery, than we would love to help you create something you can treasure.

If you can imagine it, we can make it….

Abana Jewellers

Take a look at some of our previous redesigned and custom made pieces here.



Ring Size Guide

When it comes to ring sizes it definitely isn’t a case of one size fits all.

We have come across some really creative ways of finding your ring size online. There is no way of doing it yourself and getting it 100% accurate, so I would suggest only do this if absolutely necessary. If possible try a couple of different ways so you can get an average this should help make sure you’re as close as possible.

We have had too many customers come in for replacement wedding bands because their original wasn’t a perfect fit and they ended up losing it. This is obviously not ideal, so if you want to be sure just bring yourself into us here in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and we can give you an accurate measurement.

You can take a look at the conversion chart below which will give you a rough idea, however you could find your fingers are a slightly larger or smaller than what’s listed below, in which case when we measure you would could tell if you need half or quarter sizes.


Inside Diameter  Inside Circumference
MM Inches MM Inches Ireland & UK  US & Canada French & Russian German Swiss
14.65 0.577 46.02 1.81 H 3 3/4 46 1/2 6 1/2
15.04 0.592 47.25 1.86 I 4 1/4 47 3/4 7 3/4
15.40 0.606 48.38 1.90 J 4 5/8 49 15 1/2 9
15.80 0.622 49.64 1.95 K 5 1/8 50 10
16.10 0.634 50.58 1.99 L 5 1/2 51 3/4 16 11 3/4
16.51 0.650 51.87 2.04 M 6 52 3/4 16 1/2 12 3/4
16.92 0.666 53.16 2.09 N 6 1/2 54 17 14
17.35 0.683 54.51 2.15 O 7 55 1/4 17 1/4 15 1/4
17.75 0.699 55.76 2.20 P 7 1/2 56 1/2 17 3/4 16 1/2
18.19 0.716 57.15 2.25 Q 8 57 3/4 18 17 3/4
18.61 0.733 58.47 2.30 R 8 5/8 59 19
19.10 0.752 60.00 2.36 S 9 1/8 60 1/4 20 1/4
19.51 0.768 61.29 2.41 T 9 5/8 61 1/2 21 1/2
20.02 0.788 62.89 2.48 U 10 1/4 62 3/4 22 3/4
20.32 0.800 63.84 2.51 V 10 5/8 63 23 3/4
20.76 0.817 65.22 2.57 W 11 1/8 65 25
21.18 0.834 66.54 2.62 X 11 5/8 66 1/4 26 1/4
21.49 0.846 67.51 2.66 Y 12 67 1/2 21 1/4 27 1/2
21.89 0.862 68.77 2.71 Z 12 1/2 68 3/4 21 3/4 28 3/4

August Birthstone

This Month’s birthstone is a beautiful olive green, peridot. This is also the stone given to celebrate 16 years married.
Known as the symbol of the sun, a peridot is the perfect addition to any piece of jewellery and an ideal gift for any August babies.
We can also custom make any piece for an extra special personal touch, visit us at the heart of Dublin’s creative quarter in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and we can help you chose or create something you can treasure.