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  • We at Abana Jewellers are committed to excellence in all the jewellery we produce.

    We use the latest in Laser technology to help us produce and repair pieces never before thought possible.

    Our Computer Aided Design software allows us to show you a picture of your piece before we make it up allowing you to make as many design adjustments as required to get you your perfect ring.

    Our latest investment has been a wax milling machine. This is a big step for us and will allow us to make a model of your ring in wax to show you before making it in precious metal. This means you can make any changes necessary to insure you are getting your ring exactly the way you want it.

    Our Stereoscope’s allows us to do the finest micro pavee setting and carry out work of the finest detail. Our investment in training and new technology is our commitment to you to be the best jewellers we can be